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"Honestly a very sweet and caring office. Everyone that was their attend me with a smile and a sweet demeanor, I felt so at home with Imperial Smile. I was greeted and brought to the back right away to begin my cleaning. The hygienist was really kind and careful with my mouth. The doctor, Dr. Ha, met me afterwards and explained everything that was going on with my mouth. I did not feel scared or pressured, she was honest and factual - which I loved. I don't think I've ever had a dentist take the time to show me my teeth and make sure I understood what was going on like she did. She was so sweet and genuine. Lisa the coordinator went over my treatment, and there were no surprises or surprise costs. She seen emailed me directly incase I had any questions. Overall a GREAT experience and will be returning."

- Lisset M. 

I have to say this is the best dentist I've been to my whole life! Gentle, kind and there's a new Dr. she's amazing! The original Dr was excellent as well. I went to another dentist said I had 6 fillings and 3 root canals. I went to this Dr. they said I only have a filling, a root canal and wisdom teeth (which they gave me a referral). Basically they give you the facts!  They fixed my tooth that needed to have a root canal (that was bothering me) They did an amazing job! No more pain. So thrilled they took care of me & very flexible too. I can do the work I need done at my own pace. I love the dental assistant that helped me she was AMAZING. Highly recommend this dentist. They take care of you. Just let them know what you prefer to have done (whats the most important procedure etc)"

- Amber A.

" Browsing a few dental offices out and wanted to try this place since they have really good ratings. I'm glad I ended up here, the staff are really helpful and honest. They really do care about the health of your mouth and teeth. Also they really keep their clinic nice and clean. And with their time scheduling, they're very punctual which I really appreciate, so I don't have to wait long. Thank you for the outstanding service. I will definitely refer this place to family and friends."

-Josh C.

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