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What To Know About Dental Fillings

Maybe you have a cavity and your dentist says you need a filling. You may have a damaged tooth because it's cracked, broken or worn down. Your dentist sometimes fixes the damage with a dental filling in these kinds of situations too. If you think you need dental fillings or some other form of treatment and you live in Yorba Linda, CA Dr. Annie Ha and her experienced staff are ready to help you with all your dental needs. Keep reading to learn more about dental fillings.

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a typical treatment for a cavity. It's also sometimes used to treat broken and cracked teeth. If you grind your teeth and they are worn down, your dentist may fix it with a dental filling too.

What Materials are Used to Make Dental Fillings?

There are several kinds of dental fillings. Some dental fillings are made from a mixture of different materials. They may also be made from composite material, porcelain or ceramic.

You can decide which dental fillings in Yorba Linda are right for you based on your personal preference, health insurance coverage and budget. Consult with your dentist to help you decide.

How Does Your Dentist Fill a Cavity?

Before filling a cavity, your dentist numbs your teeth, gums and surrounding skin. Your dentist uses a special drill to remove the decayed portion of your tooth. Then he or she fills the cavity with a dental filling. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

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